Top Vegan Plant-Based Food Delivery Services 2024

The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services in 2024 (Discounts + Plant-Based Nutrition Coach Reviewed)!

If you’re someone looking to incorporate more plant-forward meals into your diet but need some inspiration, are a busy vegan needing someone else to do the heavy lifting in the kitchen, or are just wanting to try out the plethora of amazing food subscriptions out there but don’t know where to start, this list of the best vegan meal delivery services in 2024 is for you.

Meal delivery services are an excellent way to try out plant-based eating if you’re new to the diet, and I just love how accessible, fun, and often very affordable these brands are for people looking to shake things up. I’m all about reducing the barrier to entry for people wanting to eat more plants, and these vegan meal subscriptions are an excellent means by which we can accomplish that goal.

I tapped my certification in whole food plant-based nutrition to review the many options out there, and pulled some of what I feel are the most nutritious and highest-rated companies out there. I’ve categorized the different brands to suit your preferences and health goals when looking for a vegan meal delivery service, and my hope is to take the guess work out of the decision so that you can start eating well ASAP!

Note that there are affiliate links in this article that will enable you to get a discount while I’ll earn a commission. I only work with brands that I have researched and personally vetted. These collaborations allow me to run this blog and keep my in-depth content free of charge and ad-free for readers like you who want to learn more about vegan living and eating 🙂

My Picks for the Best Vegan Meal Delivery in 2024:

  • Best Overall: Purple Carrot (8 servings/week for $81 with discount; meal kits and prepared meals range from about $9-$10 per serving – use this link for 50% off your first box)!
  • Best for Smoothies, Breakfasts and Lunches: Splendid Spoon (14-meal plan for $156.36 with discount; 5 smoothies, 5 soups, 2 noodles, 2 dishes; about $11 per serving – get $10 off each 14-meal box ordered)!
  • Best Meal Kit (not ready-made): Green Chef ($41.57 first order for 8 servings, $83.14 for your next 8 boxes (approx. $10/meal)
  • Cleanest and Best High-End: Sakara ($239/week for 9 meals at $26.50/meal – code ANJSAKARA for 20% off their meal program or supplements)!
  • Best Plant-Based Cleanse: ProLon ($175 for the 5-day cleanse – approx. $11/meal – code VEGANANJ for 15% off!)
  • Most Customizable: Hungryroot ($87.70 first order, $125.29/week for 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2-3 breakfast items, 2-4 snacks, 2-3 sweets – get 30% off your first order here)
  • Best For Weight Loss: Vegin’ Out ($119.23 weekly subscription include 9 – 10 meals at about $12-13/meal – get 20% with code SHARE20)!

Without further delay, let’s dive into my top picks for the best vegan meal delivery services on the market, selected by me – a certified plant-based nutrition coach.

The Best Vegan Meal Deliveries in 2024

Best Overall: Purple Carrot

Top-Rated Plant-Based Meal Delivery 2024
Credit: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot has been a leader in the plant-based meal delivery space for years and continues to impress me with the quality and variety of their offering. They have so many options for people wanting to incorporate healthy, plant-based foods into their diet in a convenient and affordable way. Purple Carrot has meal kits, prepared meals, a plant-based pantry, *and* frozen meals – so they offer an abundance of options, as well as incredible diversity within the meals, themselves. Customers can also select meals based upon different dietary needs such as high-protein, heart health, low-calorie, low-carb, and many more options.

  • Nutritional profile: I love how customizable Purple Carrot’s offering is with respect to nutrition; customers can select meals based upon different dietary needs such as high-protein, heart health, low-calorie, low-carb, and more. I really love this, since many of us are solving for particular goals when it comes to our nutrition and fitness needs. Their meal kits have also been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and body weight for those seeking to attain those specific goals.
  • Customer Reviews: People rave about the variety that Purple Carrot offers, which is truly unparalleled; they offer cuisines from around the world including Asian, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, French, American…you name it, they’ve got it. I’ve tried Purple Carrot myself and have been incredibly impressed with the flavor – their meals are truly delicious and you’ll never be bored.
  • Cost: For 4 meals per week (8 servings) is $81 with their discount; meal kits and prepared meals range from about $9-$10 per serving.

Use this link for 50% your first Purple Carrot box!

Best For Smoothies, Soups and Bowls: Splendid Spoon

Best Vegan Meal Subscriptions
Credit: Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon excels in the smoothies, soups, and bowls department. With 50 different prepared meals (including smoothies) to choose from – all of which are gluten, dairy, and artificial sugar free – this company is an excellent choice for busy people looking for healthy, ready-made meals to keep them fueled during the work week. As someone who *loves* her smoothies and soups, I would gladly outsource some of my blending and cooking to Splendid Spoon, which I consider to be one of the best vegan meal delivery options out there.

  • Nutritional profile: Splendid Spoon partners with nutritionists to “ensure every meal has the right mix of protein, fiber-rich complex carbs, and healthy fats.” We love to see it! They opt for whole, non-GMO ingredients, many of which are also organic (this is rare in the meal subscription world)!
  • Customer Reviews: Splendid Spoon gets high marks across taste, portion size, and quality; some have shared that the meals taste homemade, which is awesome.
  • Cost: 14-meal plan for $156.36 with discount; 5 smoothies, 5 soups, 2 noodles, 2 dishes; about $11 per serving

Get $10 off each 14-meal plan order with Splendid Spoon!

Best Meal Kit: Green Chef

Best Organic Vegan Meal Kit 2024
Credit: Green Chef

I love Green Chef because they’re a rare organic, vegan meal kit service! It’s very difficult to find fully organic subscriptions, and Green Chef ticks this very important box for me (and if they have to substitute for a non-organic ingredient, they disclose it). In addition to the organic ingredients, Green Chef’s claim to fame is their chef-crafted recipes. You get all the ingredients and directions to make delicious meals at home, without the prep or grocery store run.

  • Nutritional profile: The above Green Chef meal is their kale and black bean stuffed peppers with cashew parmesan, garlic cilantro rice, and chimichurri sauce – yum! While some of their meals tend to be higher calorie, they offer some lighter options, as well. And you can select for specific nutrition goals you have, which is great.
  • Customer Reviews: Green Chef gets consistently high marks for flavor, quality, and variety. This is a great option for people that enjoy learning tasty new recipes and enjoy doing some light cooking.
  • Cost: $41.57 you first order of 8 servings, $83.14 for your next 8 boxes (approx. $10/meal).

Cleanest and Best High-End: Sakara

Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery 2024
Credit: Sakara

Coveted by celebrities and models, Sakara is certainly the most “elite” of the vegan food delivery programs on this list; it’s essentially the Erewhon of meal subscriptions. And although Sakara has garnered a large cult following and is notably expensive for the average person, it may be worth the spend for those with the budget. With menu items like a flower-fetti donut, high vibe honeydew salad, comforting pasta e ceci, gingerbread protein waffles, sesame-citrus glow salad, Italian chopped salad with basil superfood swirls, the menu is quite literally every wellness girlie’s dream. And if I can achieve even half of the glow of their famed customers (Lily Aldridge, hello??) it just might justify the price tag.

  • Nutritional profile: Sakara follows 9 pillars of nutrition, all of which I’m very aligned with as someone newly certified in plant-based nutrition. The pillars include nutrient-density, eating the rainbow, plant-based protein, ‘eating your water’ through H20-rich produce, prioritizing leafy greens, incorporating sulfur-rich veggies, incorporating good fast, no calorie counting (amen!) and cultivating body intelligence (i.e. intuitive eating). My understanding is that their ingredients are all organic and gluten-free, as well.
  • Customer Reviews: Sakara gets consistently high ratings for the food’s taste, quality, and for how light, nourished, and invigorated people feel after eating it. I have never heard a negative review about Sakara, and to me that speaks volumes to how exceptional their food is.
  • Cost: Sakara’s Signature Program is $239/week for 9 meals at $26.50/meal. They offer additional, more specific programs such as the Metabolism Reset, Fresh Start Cleanse, Gut Health Reboot, Performance System, Bridal Program, and a Level II: Detox.

Use code ANJSAKARA to receive 20% off Sakara’s meal program or supplements!

Best Plant-Based Cleanse: ProLon

Best Plant-Based Cleanse 2024
Credit: ProLon

ProLon was designed by Dr. Valter Longo, a leading researcher in the science of longevity and head of the Longevity Institute at USC. ProLon is the fast-mimicking program he developed that’s taken off like wildfire in the past few years because of its promises for improved metabolic health, cellular rejuvenation, fat-focused weight loss, and better energy/cognition (bye bye, brain fog)!

  • Nutritional profile: The 5-day cleanse is comprised of soups, nut bars, snacks, supplements, snacks, herbal teas, and an “L-drink” that is a glycerol mix designed to fuel and protect muscles as you fast. The ingredients are clean, gluten-free, dairy-free and fully plant-based – everything is vegan with the exception of the L-bar, which contains honey.
  • Customer Reviews: I’ve done ProLon, myself, and can vouch for how effective it is – I really recommend it as a healthy way to detox and give your system a reboot. Pro-tip: have your post-cleanse meals prepped and ready ahead of starting it, so you can gradually re-introduce healthy, easy to digest food in the days that follow. And aside from my personal experience, ProLon is very highly-reviewed by customers – the consensus is that while the fast can be challenging as your body adjusts to the small portion sizes, at the end of the cleanse people report having improved digestion, less bloat, and more energy.
  • Cost: $175 for the 5-day cleanse (approx. $11/meal)

Use code VEGANANJ to get 15% off all Prolon kits and products!

Most Customizable: Hungryroot

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service 2024
Credit: Hungryroot

Hungryroot is a wonderful option for people looking for customizable food delivery services; they offer recipe kits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as healthy grocery items, juices, snacks, desserts, and supplements. They’re essentially a one-stop shop for all of your meal prep and grocery needs (which also makes Hungryroot a great option for busy families)!

  • Nutritional profile: Hungryroot isn’t exclusively vegan, but offers fantastic vegan options that are developed by a vegan, gluten-free chef. They offer a range of whole food plant-based items as well as recipes with faux meat proteins. A majority of their ingredients are organic, and all are free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and artificial preservatives.
  • Customer reviews: People love the high-quality food, affordable price points, and time-saving elements of being able ot purchase prepared meals and healthy groceries in one go. Parents rave about Hungryroot, and many people say that this is the best option for people that love to cook but don’t have the time to shop.
  • Cost: Meal/grocery plans start at $69/week!

Get 30% off your first order of Hungryroot!

Best For Weight Loss: Vegin’ Out

Best Plant-Based Meal Subscriptions in 2024 (Plant-Based Health Coach Reviewed)
Credit: Vegin’ Out
  • Nutritional profile: If you’re looking for an clean, whole food plant-based meal delivery service to help fuel your weight loss goals, Vegin’ Out is an exceptional option. Their oil-free, low sodium, low-sugar, and organic recipes are developed by an experienced chef who is very intentional with which ingredients (most of which are organic)!
  • Customer Reviews: People love the convenience of ready-made, organic, and healthy meals, and report feeling better and more energized when eating Vegin’ Out. They also get high marks for fresh produce and the variety and options offered. Some meal examples include loaded Buddha bowls, tofu larb salad, cajun pasta, char siu braised mushrooms and veggies, chana masala, and beyond.
  • Cost: $119.23 weekly subscription include 9 – 10 meals at about $12-13/meal

Get $20 off your first Vegin’ Out order with code SHARE20!

Which of These Vegan Meal Deliveries Will You Try?

This list of the best vegan meal delivery services honestly just scratches the surface – there are a slew of other fantastic options out there, but I’ve evaluated about 20+ brands at this point and feel that you can’t go wrong with any of these companies – just select depending on your budget, dietary goals, and taste preferences, and go from there! The good news is, you can always cancel if one service isn’t suiting your palette or needs, so it’s a low-stakes game of trial and error, overall (and a fun one, I might add)!

I hope this list makes it a bit easier to select which plant-based food subscription service you’ll try – please let me know how you fared in the comments below, or let me know if you’ve had a great experience with another service that should be on this list!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my recent posts on 101+ vegan grocery items and the best vegan protein powders; if you’re craving some cooking inspo, check out my citrus and avocado salad, air-fryer granola, or coconut rice tofu bowl.

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